The Chimney Sweep-Christmas 2020

The Chimney Sweep arrived today-

His blackened face so sad-

‘Be quick’ I said-‘He’ll soon be here-

Then you’ll be a Happy Lad’.


He looked at me-then turned away-

His voice so low-as gravel-

“He won’t be here this year” he said-

“He has no Pass to Travel”.


‘He’s Santa Claus’ I whispered-

‘This simply cannot be-

The People will deliver-

He’ll get His Pass-you’ll see’.


The Chimney Sweep turned back to me-

His eyes were sadder still-

“The People can’t deliver-

For They have lost their Strength and Will.

Their livelihoods are broken-

Their Dreams-Their Hopes- now crushed-

‘Britannia Cool’ is dead and gone-

Futures turned to rust”.


So Santa He will send His love-

To every Girl and Boy-

And wish that Twenty Twenty One-

Will bring Them back Their Joy.