Taint of a Flittermouse

Picture the Scene- before the World groaned-

A Flittermouse – hanging in fear-

They had gathered to Dine- their bellies prepared-

And mouths- gaping  wide- to receive it.


No darkness- malevolence- no witchcraft- or death-

Had entered the soul of this mammal-

No intention of harm- to create or disarm- Our World-

On the edge of great peril.


They had dined on fine wine-

The mood was sublime-

The Banquet declared a success-

A toast to the Hostess- with “Crowns” for her guests-

And four stars for ‘Flitter’s’ tenderness.


Now dark clouds loom-

A Portent of Doom-

As we wait for a Truth- from a Shaman.


          Will we wait in vain-

          Will that time come again

          Would we hear the Flittermouse Refrain.


(Flittermouse-an old fashioned word for the bat)

               Covid-19,  March 2020.