Purple Haze

Purple Haze-Purple Coats-

Espresso coffee-so ‘The Most’-

Dusty— Beehives-

Pale Pink Lips-

Mop Top boys- with snake like hips-


Mary Quant- in black and white-

Elvis singin’-‘That’s alright’ –

Janis giving us her heart-

In our lives she played a part-


White Go Go Boots

Short Short Skirts-

Let’s twist again-

In Launderettes-


Cheese fondue-and Hirondelle-

So Risqué-the prawns with shell-

Mateus Rosé-oh what flair-

Candles burning-memories there-


Summer Lovin’ -we were free-

To vote for peace-or bourgeousie-

We shared our food-we fed the poor-

We helped those Knockin on Heaven’s door-


“Seems like only yesterday- I left my mind behind ” –

Words from Dylan’s  ‘Love is just a four letter word’.