Ode to Dylan

A Room filled with memories-

In a “dirty old town”-

“It seems like only yesterday-

That I left my mind behind”.


He spoke to me in whispers-

And He sang a song for me-

Of peace and war-

Of doves and skies-

And Civil Liberty.


He sang that there were answers-

In the ”Blowin’ of the Wind”-

I chased that Wind-but could not find-

The answers some deserved.


He sang that times were changin’-

We must fight for equal rights-

He would not see that one sad day-

George Floyd would lose His fight.

His fight to live- to laugh and sing-

To change the times He lived in-

His parting plea of – ‘I Can’t Breathe’-

Becomes His Song Memoriam.


So Thank You noble poet-

For your songs of Peace and Freedom-

We listened and we sang with you-

Your Hopes a promised beacon.


Written on the occasion of Dylan’s eightieth birthday and the memory of the young Bohemian that I was in Sixties Dublin.