Call To Arms (June General Election 2017)

Britannia slumps-Her Trident rusty-

Snap to it growls the Lion.

Let’s do that soft shoe shuffle, girl-

Let’s have a Nasty Party.

The call to arms is loud-

It’s clear-

The Dinosaurs are needed-

“Let Leaders lead”- the Statesman cried-

“The People will deliver”.

Coax them with your promises-

Admire the blackened step-

Enfold the child in a warm embrace-

But Remember-Don’t look back.

O Rise with us-Aneurin,—do-

Come back and stand among us-

Their promises are made of dust-

As miners gave their lives to.

Britannia—Stand !

You sit Too long-

Your battle cry is needed-

Embrace us -Keep us-

Hold us Safe-

                                        Britannia Cool —Let’s Party!