Wind Rush

Wind rush in- to tell mi soul-

I don’t belong-

To tell mi heart-the beat not right-

Ya need to ‘handastan’-it breathes-


Mi cyaa warn ya – says the wind-

Warm-across mi face-

From cold of treach-er-y –

And scorn of English race-


Ya need to show cert-ficiate-

Ya need to shed ya skin-

Ya need to prove just who y’are-

Or ya’ll be Out not In-


Mi deh yah Man-I answer back-

Mi Motherland of freedom-

I build Her with these once strong arms-

When She was hurt and broken-


The Queen herself she wrote to me-

Her Empire wish’d me here-

I came by Invitation-

To ‘Indefinitely Remain’-


Wind say—

So tell to Hitey Titey-

When he pulls his hand away-

That the cancer in your belly-

Has a voice to speak one day.