The “Lotto”

If my numbers came up I would hide the winning ticket in a drawer.

I’d go to bed and sleep so tight– I’d snore and snore- and wake refreshed

To tell myself, I can’t keep this a secret anymore—Than is necessary.


I’d buy myself some humbugs and share them with my dog

He’d wag his tail to thank me-and fetch a log;

To show his appreciation of my kindess.


I’d fly with Admiral butterflies

Invite spiders out to play

And watch the sun grow lazy

At the end of a perfect day.


I’d walk on grass filled with diamond rain

In the middle of the night

And smile with the moon in the grey-black sky

Play hopscotch by her light.


And when this dream is over

I need not be surprised

The Lottery ticket was Always there

Right before my eyes.