St.Angela’s Girls—The Reunion

They had discarded their Red Shoes-long ago.

Many had met Their Tin Man, and because He had no Heart-

Had broken Theirs. Some had followed their own Yellow Brick Road-

And left the Emerald City behind.

There they stood-the Class of ’58  ‘tho not all would answer Anseo-

For some had left for Oz.


Anxiously searching forgotten names on Faces that no longer bore the

signature of a youth they had carelessly left behind-

They were restrained-

The woolen hand me downs- now replaced with Cashmere.


Tea and Bourbon creams were soon  ‘Replaced’ and as the day wore on-

tongues  were loosed and let loose!

Defences of Self Built barricades were torn down-

Memories recalled- and Created.


From the Shadows-They watched-

Their very own Sisters of Mercy-as if reminding each one-

The Words of Leonard Cohen-

“When you’re not feeling Holy-Your loneliness says that you’ve sinned ” !!

Catherine (Cathy) Brennan— A St. Angela’s Girl.