Porky’s Lament

One hot afternoon in the middle of Spring,

The toll bells for Porky the piggy did ring.

“Oh gosh” said young Porky “I’m too young to die”

And so made his escape to prove Porkers can fly!

With a swish of his tail and his trotters in trot,

He manoeuvred his snout to a nice sunny spot,

Where he rolled on his back and giggled with glee

Till some nice men in overalls said “This one’s got free!”

“We’ll huff and we’ll puff ’till we blow your house down”

“What’s up” thought young Porky with more than a frown,

And then he remembered just one hour before

His frightening time in the cruel abattoir.

“Time’s up pal” thought Porky, but still-it was jolly

To have one hour of freedom even though it was folly.


A lament for a porker who escaped from an abattoir and was found sunning himself in the market place