Vaccination Day

Meeting Stella (M’selle Artois)

Ode to Dylan

Lost Sheep

A Coy Pink Moon

Rainbows End

Missing Maya

The Superstore

What Did You learn

Mummy Cool

A Very Modern Queen

Careless Words

The Last Dance

Not in My Name

Yesterday-I Thought of You

The Chimney Sweep-Christmas 2020

In Search of Me

Brexit in Soho

For A Son (National Poetry Day 2nd October 2020)

Finding Bohemia-Again

Taint of a Flittermouse

Through the Pane


House of Cards

“Copy of the Big Issue”

A Grave Error

Call To Arms ( June General Election 2017)


Don’t Let Me Die With A Beard Dear


Going Out Alone


Her Name is Dot

Hymn To Life

If this be England (the allotment)

It’s a Funeral Day

Last Rights

Looking Back

Love On A Bridge

Modern Life

On Remembering

Passing By

Porky’s Lament

Purple Haze

The “Lotto”

The Blackbird and Me

The Dream

The Promise

The Empty Table

The River

The Well

To the Bluebell

Whenever She Lays Her Head

Wind Rush

Fatal Drug Overdose

To the Bluebell

Do You Remember