“Our Paul”

The Long and often Winding Road-

That we all have shared with You-

Reminds us of our Yesterday-

With Friends-and Lovers too-


Allerton Boy -we claim You La’-

We have Chained You to our Hearts-

Though rusty now-those steel chains- can never  pull apart.


From ‘Penny Lane’ and ‘Strawberry Fields’-

You one day walked away-

And left behind two Liver Birds-

Who bid You-“Go-be Free”.


Your Music conquered Foreign Lands-

Told ‘JoJo’ -“Let it Be”-

That Love was all She needed-

And that Love would set Her Free-


We mourned You at the Dead of Night-

Then watched You fly once more-

The Blackbird gave You Courage-

You reached the Hidden Shore-


So ‘Happy Birthday’ noble Knight-

Proud ‘Prince of Liverpool’-

Well ‘Shake it up Baby now’-

Let’s do that ‘Twist and Shout’.


                                 Written on the Occasion of Sir Paul McCartney’s 80th Birthday.

                                                                  Cathy Brennan.